Frequently Asked Questions

1. When can I apply for a senior bus pass?

The age eligibility is the same as a woman's pensionable age for both men and women. Visit the website to find out when you will be eligible. You can also check your age eligibility by using the State Pension Calculator. Age of eligibility is gradually changing from 60 to 66. You can apply for your bus pass 28 days in advance of your eligibility date.

2. How long is my bus pass valid for?

The expiry date can be found on the bus pass and is dependent on the evidence submitted. However, most passes are valid for a maximum of 5 years.

3. How long will it take to get my bus pass?

The pass will be posted to you. If your application is successful, then new cards should be received within 14 working days. If you applied in the 28 days before you are eligible it may take longer but we will aim for your pass to be with you for once you become eligible. If there is a problem with your application we will send you an email to the address registered to your account.

4. I am moving house do I need to change my bus pass?

If you are moving out of the local authority area you should return your bus pass to the address printed on the reverse with a note explaining why it has been returned. You should re-apply to the local authority you are moving to.

5. Where and when can I use my pass?

You can use your pass anywhere in England but not Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland. Conditions of use may vary from one authority to another and we encourage you to check the rules for use in Westmorland and Furness here.

The statutory times of use are 9.30am - 11pm Monday to Friday and at all times at weekends and public holidays.

6. I am having problems logging in, what account should I use?

The concessionary pass system is a separate system from other Council systems. If you have never had a log in to this system you will need to register as a new user either by applying for a pass if you have never had a pass before or by requesting a renewal.